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In the 2020s, the average American is politically independent.

The average American has lost faith that the institutions of our Republic still embody the principles they claim to uphold.

Two-thirds of Americans agree that the two-party system has failed and a third party is needed.

Washington, D.C. and the modern media landscape do not reflect that reality.

Instead, modern U.S. politics is defined by an endless culture war which paints the Union in a bitterly factious state. Most Americans, however, want no part in this cynical battle against our neighbors and friends.

The goal of this publication is to help give voice to those who would rather see the collapse of the two-party system than the collapse of our founding principles.

Union Forward hopes to give voice to America’s constellation of minor parties—some who have been around for decades (the Libertarian, Reform, and Green parties) and others who are new to the scene (the Forward, Solidarity, and People’s parties)—who are working to end the two-party system, as well as Independents who are working to carve an entirely non-partisan lane into U.S. politics.

This publication also hopes to give voice to those who champion a resurgence of American space exploration, and the potential for the hope that it inspires to replace the cynicism of the culture war.

Union Forward seeks to uncover the historical forces fueling the divergence in the interests of we the people and our government, and the reforms which can renew the Union’s promise of representation for every American.

About the author

My name is Holden Culotta, I am an undergraduate student at the University of Vermont studying political science, a host of live X (formerly known as Twitter) Spaces discussing independent politics and minor parties, and an independent political consultant.

I was born in California in July 2001 and grew up in a coastal Connecticut town. I was home schooled until middle school, at which point I began attending public school.

I was an avid fencer as a young boy, and I spent years traveling the country to train and compete in tournaments. I spent his free time reading about history and space, watching classic movies, and playing video games from Mario Kart to Dark Souls.

My favorite movies include Blade Runner, Interstellar, and 2001: A Space Odyssey, and I am a fan of all of Quentin Tarantino’s and Stanley Kubrick’s work. My playlists are a wild mix of music genres that include Pink Floyd, Elvis Presley, Kanye West and Hozier.

My first entry into the political scene came during the 2020 presidential election when I traveled to Iowa and New Hampshire to canvass for Andrew Yang’s presidential campaign and spent days phone- and text-banking.

I was drawn to Yang’s emphasis on the fourth industrial revolution and the need to prepare for how artificial intelligence and automation would reshape the American economy. His plans to end the opioid epidemic, to address the role of social media in America’s mental health crisis, and to embrace innovative new technologies felt like a breath of fresh air in a stuffy, corporate political environment.

After the 2020 election, I spent nearly two years as an active member of the Forward Party (founded by Yang in fall 2021).

I agreed that a third party or independent movement was going to be necessary to meaningfully push reforms in any policy area. I was initially drawn to the Forward Party’s novel approach to building a party by prioritizing local election wins and election reform referendums.

In fall 2023, I stepped away from the Forward Party and became an Independent. I became a supporter of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Independent presidential campaign, drawn by his focus on corruption, the chronic disease epidemic, the national debt, and America’s endless war machine.

I originally launched Union Forward in July 2022.

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A fusion of politics, space, and culture


Author of Union Forward here on Substack, space enthusiast, and political science undergrad. Find me on X: @Holden_Culotta